CFC 30th Anniversary Prayer. (We encourage the CFC Global Family to include this prayer in all our prayer assemblies and CFC gatherings)

CFC Pearl Anniversary Prayer

God, our loving Father,
We thank you for blessing Couples for Christ bountifully for thirty years and bringing us victoriously to our pearl anniversary.

We humbly ask you to protect the community and all of us members and our families from sin and evil with your mighty armor. We pray that you continue to reveal your will to us in all aspects of our life
and mission.

Jesus, our Lord and Savior,
We thank you for the grace of discovering you and your Kingdom as the pearl
of great price.

As you guided and instructed your disciples, guide and instruct us too. As you rebuked the winds and the waves and there was great calm, grant us good weather during the anniversary week but most especially on the day of the anniversary itself.

As you gathered multitudes to hear your teachings, draw multitudes of brethren from all over the world to attend our anniversary activities, keep them protected from sickness and harm, and bring them back safely to their respective homes and families

We pray that you send your holy angels to guard all of us and all the events with your protective
power and might.

Holy Spirit, our Advocate and Revealer,
We thank you for moving the community to be families in the Spirit renewing
the face of the earth

We pray for your continued inspiration and empowerment as we journey from pearl to gold
and beyond.

And as you came down on the disciples on Pentecost, fill and bless with your divine presence all the teachings, conferences, and activities of our pearl anniversary

Including the Elders Assembly that will consider organizational changes and choose a new set of servant leaders.

Mary, our Blessed Mother, we entrust to your loving care and powerful intercession our community of Couples for Christ,

And in particular, all the preparations and conduct of the activities of our pearl anniversary celebration.

Almighty Father, grant this prayer through your Son who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.


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